On the way home…

November 20, 2006

I’ve been travelling all day, due to a number of circumstances. Firstly, we needed to check out of the room together and Jeffrey’s train was at 9:10am. My flight wasn’t until 1:25pm and while it takes an hour to get to the airport, that did not the time pass. So, much coffee and smoking.

And that meant I only got about 3 hours sleep as we were up talking until the early hours.

Then onto Schiphol. Arriving at 3:45pm, my Cardiff flight doesn’t take off until 9:15pm. I was tempted to go into Amsterdam, but I was too tired to do much and once I considered getting and storing my luggage, travelling there, finding something, getting back and checking in, it didn’t leave much time. So, more sitting around drinking coffee, checking email when I could get a connection (unpredictable in some places), sorting through pictures, etc. Sigh.

So, I can go to my gate in the next 15 minutes and I might just do that for the change of scenery, or have another coffee and smoke some more. Then another hour’s flight, and an hour’s drive. I should be home by 11pm (UK time, midnight for me right now).

It’s been a great trip, but more of that later.

Cough. Bloat. Cough. Judder. Bloat. Cough.



3 Responses to “On the way home…”

  1. You were a STAR for getting up early and leaving when I had to go.

    More when I am more compu mentus.

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks, honey. You were the star for organising and staying on top of everything, phantom food allergies and all. 😉 Really, without you, my trip could have been miserable. So, thanks.

  3. Chef Mark Says:

    I have the solution to your fatigue…stop putting those filthy fags in your mouth! (and I don’t mean the male variety)

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