“Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian”

November 23, 2006

Bulldyke Madge Weinstein

Bulldyke Madge Weinstein originally uploaded by steveharris.

While in Italy, I did a photoshoot with Madge Weinstein for a new theme for Yeast Radio. This is her new bulldyke look. Even more fab is that the t-shirt was picked up on our trip to Brighton and the blue party makeup was once mine and before that, Miss Chick’s. It didn’t really suit us as you just look like you’ve had a heart attack with blue lips, but that’s perfect for a lesbian who spent a couple of months in a coma.

You can see more pictures from the shoot here.


5 Responses to ““Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian””

  1. John Ong Says:

    I ROVE it! Steve’s fingerprints are on him/her/it.

  2. Andy Melton Says:

    That was a great photo shoot! Great job! ZOMBIE LESBIAN! lol

  3. mindcaster Says:

    pppppaparazzi plaza

  4. David Says:

    I am so digging Madges new look…

  5. VJnet Says:

    Looks like the gangrene has already set on Madge’s head. lol!

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