Can’t Stop Eating!

December 26, 2006

Well that’s the whole Christmas thing over and done with for another year. I can’t really complain (but I will): no annoying relatives visiting, my family has an agreement not to buy each other presents we have to pretend to like and I have no young nephews or nieces to worry about… yet.

What annoys me the most is the way the whole world (or my part of it) seems to go crazy. You’d swear all the shops were shut for a month, when it’s only for a day; it makes doing simple things impossible and it’s as though this goes on forever. This week is that quiet period when everything chills down a bit between now and New Year’s Eve, but nothing is really back to normal.

I hate to sound miserable and grumpy, but it’s just like some big commercial con everyone falls for. I like a lot about Christmas but don’t think people should kill themselves over it. I know not everyone does, but still. Just eat, drink and chill out. And then eat some more. Actually, if I have a problem, that’s it at the moment.

I’m starting to worry that unless I get back to the gym this week, I’m going to need to do all future videos in widescreen. And the gym will, predictably, be packed all the way through January.

More chocolate, anyone?


One Response to “Can’t Stop Eating!”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    You could start the diet with me on January 2nd! Too bad there are no gyms near me, just 3 dogs and a road or a field.

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