Bye Bye 2006

January 1, 2007

I had in mind a video for the new year, but decided it was too ambitious and, frankly, ran out of time to find out. The gist of the video was to ask people how 2006 was for them and retort in comedy fashion.

For me, I think the year sucked and am glad to see the back of it. I’m not going to give a blow-by-blow but it seemed like everything over the last 12 months was difficult, sometimes heartbreakingly so, as an endless stream of crap was poured on my friends, family and me.

By the end, I became quite… numb. This has never happened to me before. I’ve been happy, sad, up and down over the years but never so fed up that I shut down.

However, the video wasn’t going to end on such bitterness because the point was this: When I look over the last year, one thing stands out and that is the amazing new friends I’ve made and the existing friends I am so fortunate to have. All the trouble has done nothing but strengthen these bonds and for that I am extremely grateful.

So you, friends, are the reason I made it through 2006 without launching myself off a cliff. You know who you are. I love you all.

Happy New Year.


3 Responses to “Bye Bye 2006”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    Thanks for being such a great friend in 2006. I look forward to getting to know you even better in 2007! *hugs*

  2. Tim Says:

    You’ve given me a lots of inspiration and laughs, and I hope to see even more good stuff come out of you in 2007. Happy New Year!

  3. purrplechick Says:

    Happy new year to you too, Steve. I hope that 2007 is better, too (it can’t be much worse!)

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