Vimeo now 250MB a week!

January 29, 2007

Not new-new news, a couple of days old, but Vimeo deserves all the blog love it can get for being such a gorgeous and friendly video site. Vimeo has been great for as long as I’ve known it, but it used to have one interesting constraint, and that was you could only upload 30MB a week. Fine for short clips, but if you wanted to whack out a lot in a week, you’d soon run out.

Now, however, you can upload 250MB of video every week, free. There are no adverts, Vimeo has top-notch social networking features, a great community that is always producing interesting and original content (yes, original!), a smart-looking embeddable Flash player and, best of all, it’s so nice to use you just want to use it. I love it!


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