It was Snow Going at the Supermarket

February 7, 2007

They’re predicting snow for us tonight. Several inches in some places, but there probably won’t be that much here. Anyway, it is the way in this country that even the lightest dusting can bring everything slithering to a halt for a day or so.

Tonight, I had to call into Tesco for the usual pathetic few things and… I should have known… but I just didn’t think…

It was hell. Aisle after aisle of people filling their trolleys to capacity and beyond, each with enough food to feed a family of six for a fortnight. To those people, I wanted to say this:

It’s one day of snow, it’ll probably all be gone by the weekend, SO WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SHOPPING LIKE YOU’LL BE SNOWBOUND FOR WEEKS YOU DAFT CUNTS???!!!!

I feel better now.

Update 8/2: For the record we got about an inch and it melted. No matter, the good men and women of suburbia now have enough food to last until March.

Update 9/2: Of course, they didn’t predict the several inches of snow we would get today until this morning. Fortunately, the good men and women of suburbia now have enough food to last until March, etc, etc. Too bad they have to get home from work on a sledge.


2 Responses to “It was Snow Going at the Supermarket”

  1. purrplechick Says:

    I was stuck at work for over 4 hours today – the roads round there were total gridlock. People were trying to leave the site but were taking over 2 hours to reach the road.

    Journeys of 2 miles were taking 3 hours+.

    Cars have been abandoned on the sides of road, people choosing to walk home rather than try to drive through 3 inches of snow.

    Amazing how the country grinds to a standstill at the first sign of a few flakes of snow.

  2. Steve Says:

    Oooh, nasty.

    Funny, innit. It’s -15ºC in Chicago and yet they seem to be coping.

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