Video: Thirty2

April 12, 2007

We went for a Japanese meal on my birthday… I think.

Thirty2 - click ti play

Click to Play

Click here to view this video on Vimeo, in Flash format. Birthday pics that go along with this video on Flickr.

Thanks for the online birthday wishes from my friends, Miss Chick, Mr Nut, Miss Penang, and my husband-to-be (apparently!), Miss/Mista Imma/Dag, whose birthday is one day after mine (and, er, a few years) and Andy, Brad, Matt and Sharon on the Twitter. 🙂


4 Responses to “Video: Thirty2”

  1. God, you were so drunk that you couldn’t even remember how much you had to drink! *sigh* LOL. It looks like you had a good time, though. That food freaked me out a little bit though because I thought it was alive!!!

  2. Tim Says:

    Sorry to be so late with it and all.

  3. Imma (blank) Says:

    Was you food moving? Methinks I saw it move.
    Oh sweet mother of mary… it did move … ew!

    Happy B-Day hubby! (doh)
    xoxox’s – Imma

  4. Steve Says:

    Thanks, everyone.

    I Asked an Asian™, my friend Andy Kim, and it seems that the moving bits are probably slithers of dried shrimp or octopus or something, and it’s only moving because of the heat, of course.

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