It’s So Funny How You Don’t Blog Anymore

April 25, 2007

OK, so nobody’s actually asked, but I realised that I haven’t been blogging much at all lately. Yes, I’ve put out a few videos (I am really enjoying making something out of nothing, often quite literally) and told the odd story, but I haven’t done a personal journal kind of entry since the last time I said I hadn’t done one in a while.

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. I can’t be fucked.
  2. There isn’t much to say.
  3. I’m feeling more reclusive these days.
  4. I’m fucking busy!

So, I want to deal with the last point, because if this is to be about my life, then that is my life right now. Trouble is this: on the one hand it’s boring, on the other, it might be a whole lot more interesting by the time this works itself out.

Or it might not.

First a little history. The anniversary of my self-employed career really occurs in April:

  • Sometime in April 2003 I quit my corporate whore job. I didn’t actually leave until the end of May because of unused leave and notice and stuff, but my head left the job the minute I handed my notice in. I spent the next twelve months still doing things I didn’t want to do, however, so let’s ignore that year. 🙂
  • April 2004 was when I started KIT (around about now, having planned it out for a few weeks), so this is effectively when Reinvented Software was born. KIT wasn’t released until August. In December I started Feeder, which I released the following February.
  • By April 2005, thanks to Feeder, I felt more certain that I could make a living out of this, given time. What I didn’t know until a couple of months later was that podcasting would do its thing and that I wouldn’t need much time after all. The year passed in a moment.
  • April 2006 saw me just get over that and finally look at where to go next. Trouble was, I had an awful lot of mess to sort out first. I’d been sprinting non-stop for 2 years and needed to tie up many loose ends and generally clean up the aftermath before I could move on. This proved to be soul destroying; I was making a reasonable living and thought I would be happy, but I wasn’t because things weren’t really finished.

So, here we are, April 2007. The mess is now sorted and the plan is set to go full steam ahead to take this thing to the next level. For the first two years (Apr 2004 – Apr 2006) I was in startup mode, last year was transitional and this year is another kind of make or break.

So, that’s why I’m being quiet on the blog, because I’m working like mad in the hope that this year will turn out to be another memorable one.


3 Responses to “It’s So Funny How You Don’t Blog Anymore”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    I definitely hope that this year will be a memorable one for you. The good thing is, we’ll get to see the fruits of your labor! 🙂

  2. John Ong Says:

    This post is anything but nothingness. But I do enjoy the nothingness too. Just like Feeder. Do the right thing, and by your personal standard, I know it’s wonderful, and let the good stuff happens at its own time. Be proud and enjoy your success on things you can control, and then enjoy some more when the success from the outside coming your way. And along with Andy, we give you a BIG FAT hope of another memoralbe 2007.

  3. Steve Says:

    @Andy – yes! How long you have wanted to see those!

    @Penny – then this year could be HUGE!

    Thanks, whores.

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