Busy Enjoying Myself

April 26, 2007

While yesterday’s post may make it seem like all I’m doing is work work work, I do have other plans in the pipeline that aren’t entirely worky and more or less wipe out the whole month of June. Brace yourselves for video, photo and maybe even audio overload.

At the beginning of June, I fly out the the US for WWDC. I’ll be staying with my friend Hans for a couple of weeks, both in his home and at a hotel in SF, if he ever fucking books it.

Then, right after WWDC I will be flying out to Kansas City to see the one and only Miss Ong, who’s lost a ton of weight (and is only being fairly-to-moderately annoying about it), and can attempt to put it all back on again as we eat our way through my visit.

Then it’s back to Hans’s place for another week and – oh look! – it’s Gay Pride on the last weekend. Rainbow-striped thong at the ready (not really). I fly out Sunday afternoon, home again Monday afternoon (damn those time zones).

After that, just a few days later, we schlep off to Brighton for a long weekend. This may seem like madness, but Miss Chick is attending a conference there during the week, and it seems downright wrong that she should go and us not. Plus, she’d probably be suicidal unless she gets some good gay fun while there. She is such a faghag, after all.

So, definitely a few interesting things to come! My credit card bill being one of them.


4 Responses to “Busy Enjoying Myself”

  1. John Ong Says:

    Oh are you coming to see me?

  2. Steve Says:

    Only if there’s room.

  3. John Ong Says:

    WIth the little fat I lost, I think you’ll fit.

  4. Vincent Tan Says:

    OMG ! glad hear to Steve & Our Goddess John will meet up soon, & John is going to gain some weight when Steve is around..:-)

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