Bench Squatters and the Monster from the Deep

May 29, 2007

Well I am sick of it. Dancing around the changing room just because some twat feels like leaving his empty bag on the bench and his shirt and trousers hanging on the hook. That’s what fucking lockers are for, Mary!

I’m talking about the gym. I’m talking about the person or people who just leave their shit all over the place like they own it. Who do they think they are?

Normally I would have let it lie. I mean, I’m generally a cruisy sort of person, I don’t get wound up about things. Apart from stupidity. And the local city council’s harebrained plans. And old people that behave like cunts just because they are old. And people who drive round corners at -5mph.

But I’m a busy whore! I’ve got like 10 days before this US trip. I need to keep moving, so much to do.

Bench squatters are not the only people to get me fired up at the gym. The Monster from the Deep is another one. They emerge from the swimming pool, jump into the shower and don’t bother drying themselves one little bit before going back to the changing room, leaving a lake where they stand and a river behind them.

I’m actually not sure how it’s possible to drip so much water after walking 20 yards. Maybe it’s just a really bad sweat. The result is just downright rude.

Well, I can’t do anything about the Monster from the Deep, but I can do something about Mr Bench Squatter. As I left, I my backpack accidentally knocked his bag off the bench, then I think it may have caught on his hung-up shirt as I swung it over my shoulder. Oh dear, too bad. Should have used a locker.

I’m not normally like this, I’m just in a different mood of late.

Don’t fuck with me, Mary!!!


5 Responses to “Bench Squatters and the Monster from the Deep”

  1. Miss Chick Says:

    Ooh! Get her!

    Good for you. I hate that too. Damn inconsiderate twunts deserve all they get. Shame his shirt didn’t land in the tide of water left by the MftD.

  2. John Ong Says:

    Drop the shirt in the pool of wetness the Monster left on the floor. Good job Mary!

  3. John Ong Says:

    Miss Chick and I should go shopping together with Gok Wan, and throw people’s stuff in water.

  4. Miss Chick Says:

    John – that’s the best idea I’ve heard all year!

  5. John Ong Says:

    World! Watch out! The two bitches are here!

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