Reefer Madness – The Musical

June 19, 2007

I’m in Chicago. Went to see “Reefer Madness – The Musical” by Hell in a Handbag Productions last night as Richard was filming it. It was just a reading, but really good with lots of people there too.

It was also cool that I also got to say hi to David Cerda and others that I only know from the videos Richard posts on Insane Films. I can recommend The Joans Sing ‘Your Number One Fan’ firstly because I “help” introduce it (or not – I just sit there with Trotsky on my lap) and secondly because you get to see a rock band with not one but TWO Joan Crawfords.

That’s good, but to get the band I would first recommend watching the other song they did, “Mad at the Dirt”, as it’s sung by one of the Joans herself. Also really worth checking out is Caged Dames (awesome prison musical!) and the other reading from their Summer Camp series, Die! Mommy! Die!.


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