Hello, World

July 20, 2007

I haven’t been myself since getting back from the States. I’m not going to explain why. To even begin would be impossible, and besides, I don’t want to.

You can all get fucked. Bye.

Oh hi!


4 Responses to “Hello, World”

  1. miguel Says:

    Hi to you too!

  2. Andy Melton Says:

    Oh hai. You is being bitch! K. Bai.

  3. Andy Kim Says:

    Oy vey. I feel your pain. I still feel lethargic after WWDC. I was expecting the conference to boost morale and I’m in a slump instead. I blame it all on SJ and the lame stevenote.

  4. Vincent Tan Says:

    Time is the best medicine, u’ll feel better soon, bless u !

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