Yes U Can Has

November 5, 2008

Obama Kitteh, originally uploaded by steveharris.


And Back Up Again…

March 15, 2008

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Audi the new BMW

March 4, 2008

Ringing the changes – Top Gear

Sad, but unfortunately seems true, and one of the reasons why my next car wouldn’t be an Audi – not that I have any intention of changing it soon. At least my Audrey predates the arsehole era. The other reason is that the people at the Audi centre have changed too and seem miserable these days.

I Has a Personal Blog

March 4, 2008

Who knew?!!!

What Goes Up…

January 11, 2008

It’s a bitter irony that, when the UK economy starts tanking, it’s good for me. From the BBC’s Market Data:


I wrote about this last spring, saying that the exchange rate is as much dependent on the strength of the overinflated pound as the weakness of the dying dollar.

On that post, the point I made about raising the price of Together to match its competitors (along with the features) is working too. Sales are the strongest they’ve ever been for me, including the podcasting explosion back in 2005.

Rhymes with Fuck

November 30, 2007

“Work really hard and your dreams will come true,” to quote the Queen of Pop herself (I’m aiming for my target audience here, OK?).

There’s certainly something to be said for hard work, talent can be useful and good judgement counts for a lot, but you can put all these together and get absolutely nowhere. Success in life is so often about timing and luck.

Throughout my life, I’ve worked hard, always tried to do my best and been told I possess considerable talents in whatever until I’m sick of hearing it. And yet, most of the time I find I’m no better off than someone who does the complete opposite, and often worse off. And that sucks.

I’m not saying I haven’t made mistakes or couldn’t have done better, but I always try to ensure I don’t make the same mistake twice, if that counts for anything.

All the best things that have happened to me are seldom of my making. At times my hard work has helped, but really it was being in the right place at the right time that got me anywhere. Conversely, I’ve had some pretty rotten luck too with a succession of problems landing at my door at the very worst moment.

Like a game of snakes and ladders, it’s perfectly possible to clamber up, only to slide all the way back to the bottom again in a single move. Too often, it’s been someone else that rolled the dice, as though they don’t want me climbing their ladder.

I’m not talking about a career ladder or a social ladder. It’s more a survival / happiness ladder.

And actually, I’m not complaining. All this has upsides. I’m always grateful for what I’ve got and feel considerably accomplished when I achieve anything without being handed a golden ticket, even if I do feel like I’m being worked doubly-hard, not because I want to exert all that effort but out of necessity.

I know I don’t always get things right and I’m happy to accept my mistakes. I know I’ll be even happier if I didn’t let the events that are out of my control get me down too. That’s not so easy.

Right now, I’m happy. My hard work seems to be paying off, for a change. I can’t deny though that I’ve also been very lucky these last few weeks and as for timing, heh, it’s uncanny.

Ask me how I feel in a month! 😀

The Gingerbread Man Cometh

November 20, 2007

With our three days of summer (that much?) and both days of autumn out the way, we appear to have arrived squarely in winter. Freezing cold, dark as hell, prone to outbursts of lashing rain and howling winds. And that’s just my frame of mind.

Oh yes, what a year it’s been. It was nice in April, then rained from May until September. Then there were a few nice days that were obviously cooler because of the time of year, followed by this icy hell.

It’s just as well I worked every hour of the day during that time (apart from June, in the US), there was nothing better to do outside the house.

Walking into the Borders with the Starbucks today, the plump blonde girl who always greets me with a giggly stream of consciousness, summoned me from the Crime section.

“Eat my samples,” she said, “so I don’t have to go out into the cold!”

Well, who was I to refuse?

The samples were mini gingerbread lattes and little squares of gingerbread cake. Very nice. So then I had a proper gingerbread latte and watched the idiot clones do their Christmas shopping in Borders below.

So, winter does have its benefits. Winter food! Lots of it! NOW!!!!!!